Risk of Death From Various Tobacco and Nicotine Products

A recent report titled “Nicotine and Health” authored by Dr. Murray Laugesen and published by the American Council on Science and Health goes into great detail regarding nicotine and it’s health effects.  The report covers everything from various forms of traditional tobacco to electronic cigarettes, and there’s an interesting point made concerning the “Relative Risk of Mortality from Lifetime Use of Various Tobacco and Nicotine Products, Compared to the Risk of a Never Smoker”.  The picture below taken from the report sums it up better than any amount of words:


risk of death tobacco and nicotine productsAs you can see, a smoker that uses 25+ cigarettes per day has a mortality risk that is 4 times higher than a non-smoker , while an e-cig user has “no extra mortality risk on the basis that nicotine is the active ingredient, neither nicotine nor its main carrier propylene glycol cause cancer, and worldwide there have been no deaths attributed as of March 2013 to electronic cigarettes in the medical literature since sales began in 2007.”

Yet again, another simple and beautiful study to show that e-cigs are truly the “safe alternative” to traditional tobacco!

*Read the full report here


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